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  • About Pyneo
    Pyneo Co., Ltd.,established in March 2005, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on scientific and technological innovation and green services in the field of energy and environment. As an important platform for the transformation of technological achievements of Zhejiang University, Pyneo has successfully applied the research achievements of Zhejiang University to industries such as electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, etc., achieving mutual benefit in ecological environment, economic benefits and social benefits for customers, and solving many major energy and environmental problems for China.
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    Technological Development

    17years +

    Industrialized Experience




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    Technical Support
    Zhejiang University

    Top domestic technical support platform

    The Institute of Thermal Energy Engineering of Zhejiang University owns the State Key Laboratory of Clean Utilization of Energy, undertaking the "973" and "863" national key project plans, and has 18 awards of national scientific research in the field of energy and environment, of which 15 awards are as the first award unit.

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    Zhejiang University technology industrialization important platform

    Based on its technical advantages, Pyneo has established the "ZJU-Pyneo Joint R&D Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction", actively implementing the development mode of "Industry-University-Research-Utilization" in environmental protection, efficient and clean utilization of energy and renewable energy, and actively promoting the popularization of technology industrialization by using its mature business model and social resources.
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    We continue to create maximum value for customers

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